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Sculpt and Lift Your Jawline Without Surgery

As we age, sagging in the jawline and lower face can make us look tired and older. Botox jaw slimming is a non-surgical procedure that uses precisely placed Botox injections to gently relax muscles, contributing to a loose jawline. Over time, this subtle muscle relaxation results in a noticeably more contoured and lifted facial profile.

Jaw Slimming: Step-by-Step Process

  1. We will discuss your goals and concerns, examine your facial features, and determine if you are a good candidate.
  2. The treatment area will be cleaned, and sterile needles will be used. Numbing cream can be applied for your comfort.
  3. Botox is injected into specific muscles below the chin and along the jawline using a very fine needle. You may feel minor pinpricks.
  4. Expect minimal bruising, swelling, or soreness, which usually subsides within a few days.
  5. Results build over 1-2 weeks as the muscles relax. Full effect is seen at 3 weeks with a natural, lifted, slimmed jawline profile lasting 3-6 months.
  6. To maintain benefits, repeat treatments are needed every 3-6 months as the Botox gradually wears off. Over time, fewer units may be required.

Benefits of Jawline Botox

  • Tightens loose skin under the chin for a lifted look
  • Refines jowls and slims the appearance of a double chin
  • Smoothes lines across the lower face caused by downward muscle pull
  • Provides a non-surgical alternative to a facelift or chin implant
  • Lasts 3-6 months, so it must be maintained periodically
  • Results are gradual and natural-looking without tightness
  • Minimally invasive, painless procedure with little downtime

Is Botox Jaw Slimming Safe?

When performed by a licensed, experienced professional, Botox jaw slimming carries very little risk. Strict sterilization protocols are followed, and tiny amounts are used to carefully paralyze only target muscles.

Common side effects are generally mild and temporary, if any, such as minor swelling or bruising. Serious complications are extremely rare when administered properly. An initial consultation can determine if you are an appropriate candidate based on your individual case.

While asymmetry may occur in some cases, subsequent treatments allow refinement over time. Compared to invasive options, it is a remarkably safe and effective way to defy jawline aging with natural-looking results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Jaw Slimming?

The best candidates for Botox jaw slimming have:

  • Loose, bulging, or sagging skin under the chin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive lower face movements
  • The early stages of a double chin are starting to form
  • Wishing to maintain a sharp jawline as they age
  • Realistic expectations of subtle, non-surgical change

People with thicker neck tissues may get less dramatically noticeable results. Skin laxity exceeding muscle laxity is best addressed with surgical options. An in-person assessment can confirm if non-invasive jawline botox will help you achieve your goals.

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